Peter (PK) Jonason, Ph.D.

I originally intended to be a lawyer, but then I took a class with Ross Buck who introduced me to evolutionary psychology. It was then I realized I wanted to pursue a career in research. After I completed my B.A. in Political Science and Communication Sciences (2000) and my M.A. in Communication Sciences at the University of Connecticut (2003), I got my Ph.D. in Psychology at New Mexico State University (2009). By training I am a social/personality psychologist who uses evolutionary theory to derive predictions and account for observable phenomena in (mostly) personality, individual differences, mating strategies, and sexuality (see GoogleScholar; my CV; ResearchGate).

Some career highlights

2008: Editorial board for The Journal of Social Psychology

2009: Ph.D. in Psychology from New Mexico State University

2011: Senior Editorship at Personality and Individual Differences

2014: IgNobel award in psychology

2015: Visiting scholar at Lomonosov Moscow State University

2015: Visiting scholar at the University of Western Ontario.

2015: Senior Editorship for Evolutionary Behavioral Sciences

2015: Senior Lectureship (Western Sydney University)

2016: Fellow at the Secular Policy Institute

2016: Affiliated Ass/Professorship (Florida Atlantic University)

2017: Assistant Editorship at the Psych. Sci. Accelerator Project

2017: Senior Editorship for PLOS 1

2017: Keynote speaker (Human Behavior and Evolution Society)

2017:Created the journal Frontiers in Psychology (Evolutionary)

2018: Visiting scholar at University of Cardinal Stefan WyszyƄski

2018: Keynote speaker (Cross-cultural self-enhancement)

2018: Founded Australasian Soc. for Human Behav. & Evolution

2019: Ulam Grant for Academic Exchange to Warsaw, Poland
2020: Associate Professorship (University of Padova)

2020: OPUS (Poland) grant to study personality in online dating

2020: Visiting Professorship (University of Silesia, Poland)