Peter (PK) Jonason, Ph.D.

Most of my research focuses on the Dark Triad traits (see Interview). Today I am conducting projects using these traits from various perspectives including behavioral economics, behavioral ecology, organizational psychology, and experimental social psychology.

Although I am probably best known for my work on the Dark Triad, my career started with an interest in understanding mating strategies. I have examined mating strategies like playing hard-to-get and mate preferences in the form of dealbreakers with Norman Li and more generally on evolutionary approaches to sex differences in mating and sexuality with David Schmitt. Also, I do work in various other areas of social psychology like prejudice, psychometrics, sexism, and happiness. Recently, I am working on some "big data" projects that I am looking for partner and students to work with on.

Interested in participating in my research or being a student? Contact me (

Some potential collaborations, Ph.D., or Masters projects

1. Developing a Life History model of happiness and life satisfaction

2. Cognitive processes associated with mate choice and rejection

3. Understanding sexism directed towards men

4. Cross-cultural research on the "gender pay gap"

5. Mate preferences for educated partners around the world

6. A microeconomics view of moral trade-offs

7. Niche-selection/specialization in the Dark Triad traits

8. When the going gets tough, the Dark Triad get selfish

9. Life history experiments on situational affordances

10. What can we learn about a person from the dating app profile content?